Cookies Policy uses cookies. Cookies are small program files with pieces of data – such as usernames and passwords – that are autonomously installed on your computer to store information about your previous actions on websites.

What are Cookies?

By its nature cookies are not harmful – they are just text files. They cannot run any processes on your computer or interact with the operating system at all. Cookies do not disclose or provide us with your personal and confidential information, such as, for example, your passwords, passport details, credit card information, or any other personal and banking data. We use cookies solely to provide the best possible service by our website to each individual customer. For example, due to cookies we can recognize and settle the unexpected errors or glitches that you might ever run into while surfing the website. They also simplify the login process, so our customers don’t have to remember their accounts’ passwords.

Our website uses cookies to optimize and improve your online experience. Moreover, it allows our advertising partners to clarify your interests and needs so they can form their promoting campaigns according to your personal preferences and only show the content that is useful and harmless to you.

How do Cookies Work?

When we in any way interact with the site, for example, enter account login details, the server converts the recorded information into a cookie file and sends it to the browser along with the page. When we switch to another page of the site or visit it later, the browser sends the cookies back.

Cookies can be divided into Session and Persistent, and the developer decides which ones to use for a particular site. We use both Session and Persistent files to provide you with the highest level of functionality and comfort.

The Session cookies are the ones that exist only in temporary memory while the user is on the website page. Due to this, our site’s visitors don’t have to enter the same information more than one time. For example, if you have logged into your profile once, you won’t be asked to do it again during the whole session and that’s thanks to the session cookies. Browsers usually delete session cookies after the user closes the browser window.

Persistent cookies, on the other side, are for durable usage. They get stored on your computer and remain there until you delete them manually from your browser. Such cookies are used to identify your device every time you return to our page. For instance, if you have chosen a preferred language or currency, then these details will be saved by the persistent cookies. Further, every time you visit our website, it will automatically be translated into your preferred language and adapts to your settings.

Why does Our Website use Cookies?

For Your awareness, below we list the reasons and purposes for which our website uses cookies.

  • To improve the technical component of our website. We use cookies to identify and settle sudden bugs, crashes, or any other technical issues.
  • To adjust the website. We use cookies to identify your device and receive information – regarding our website – about your searching habits, preferences, and purposes to personalize our web pages accordingly.
  • To personalize the content. We use cookies to help our advertising collaborators by sharing information regarding your interests and potential needs.
  • To provide live chats. We use cookies to make a live chat option available to our platform users.

How to Block Cookies?

Cookies are an elective aspect of your internet experience. The process of disabling cookies may slightly differ from one browser to another. Find out how you can disable cookies in the most popular Internet browsers.

Google ChromeOpen Chrome> Navigate to the Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Other Site Data > Block all cookies.
Microsoft EdgeOpen MS Edge > Go to the Menu > Settings > Site Permissions > Cookies and Site Data > Block All Cookies or add desired website’s URL.
SafariOpen Safari > navigate to the Menu > choose “Preferences” > Security > Block all Cookies > click “Save”.
FirefoxOpen Firefox > go to Tools > Options > Privacy > Disable Cookies.

You can easily disable them in your browser settings if you disagree with the cookies policy or have concerns regarding its terms and conditions.

What are the Consequences of Blocking Cookies?

Blocking cookies will change your browser settings, hence, the principle of our website operating. We will no longer be able to keep your details and collect information. It means that we won’t be able to facilitate the login process as well as to provide you with the personalized options, services, and content for you to comfortably surf our website.

The Cookie Policy Updates

The periodic updates of our website may influence our policies and terms. Thus, we recommend you get acquainted with this page for keeping up with the policy changes that might affect your privacy and the process of interacting with the site.