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The editor-in-chief of our website is Banarsidas Chaturvedi. He is an expert in online entertainment and online lottery providers in India. We also have experts on our team who scrutinize online lottery ticket buying apps and sites.

Banarsidas Chaturvedi is the editor-in-chief of todaylottery.in.

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Every year the popularity of online lotteries in India is increasing rapidly. By buying an online lottery ticket, anyone can win real money. It is not necessary to buy a physical ticket, just check the results of the lottery online.

Online lottery operators are actively developing in the Indian market, there are new types of local and international lotteries available to Indians.

Our website is dedicated to everything related to the online lottery market in India: reviews of online lotteries and bonuses, rules of draws, results, instructions on how to buy and check lottery tickets. All in one place!

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